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Principal: Mrs. Linda Greening
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Hours: 8:15 AM - 2:35 PM

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June 2024

Dear JAE Families,

 It is hard to believe that there are only a few short weeks of school left!It certainly has been a wonderful year and we are excited to end the year with many fun events and celebrations. We look forward to seeing all of you at various events throughout the month.

June Events:

  • June 3rd- North Shore Library Visit- 4th & 5th grades
  • June 5th- Battle of the Books
  • June 6th- 4th Grade Field Trip (rescheduled) 
  • June 10th- Instrument Petting Zoo- 3rd Grade ONLY
  • June 10th- Board of Education Meeting- HS Auditorium- 7pm- 
  • June 11th- Field Day- Grade 5
  • June 12th- Field Day- Grade 4
  • June 13th- Field Day- Grade 3
  • June 14th- 5th Grade Field Trip
  • June 19th- Juneteenth (School Closed)
  • June 21st- End of the Third Trimester
  • June 21st- 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony- 10am
  • June 24th-26th- ½ Days of School (Dismissal time- 10:45)
  • June 24th- 5th Grade Party (in-school)
  • June 25th- 5th Grade Bagel Breakfast & Yearbook Signing
  • June 26th- Last Day of School- Report Cards Posted to Parent Portal

Eagle POWER Students of the Month for February:

3rd Grade:

Rylee Schaentzler
Aria Conforti
Catharina Bopp
Jace Campanella
Chase Lopez
Ava Polanco
Ava Gerlang
Scott Ramirez
Leighton Bray
Shane Stiele

 4th Grade:

Dylan Parreles

Luca Calo
Aylin Canbaydar 
Allison Nicole Rivas-Lopez
Trevor Kellenberger
Lucas Blandi
Adrien Castro
Kaitlyn Lewis
Catherine Van Horne


5th Grade:

Angelina Cornejo-Hernandez
Kayden Puckey
Sophia Carbone
Joelliane Laderwager
Gavin Damiano
Genesis Gusman
Kira Izzo
Joshua Rebecchi
Zaria Amayo
Lily Wakely


Special Areas: 

Music- Aria Soto
Technology – Alex Hanna
Library – Stephanie Recinos-Suchite
Physical Education – Charlotte Pedota, Shea Anderson
Art –Khloe Smith
STEAM -  Jackson Ricci
Speech - Mason Pepper

We would like to recognize our Artists of the Month for April as well:

5th Grade: Isabella Bozzo, Nick Londo, Locklyn Price, Brianna Revilla
4th Grade: Kiera Mohammed
3rd Grade: Julia Sicurella, Evan Riggs

Honorable Mention Runner Ups:
5th Grade: Aria Soto, Arianna Revilla, Sonniell Colon, Neymar Perdomo-Hernandez, Elijah Zandstra, Genesis Guzman, Taylor Bruce, Kenley Sontag
4th Grade: Alex Cea, Adam Koenig, Layla Chudyk, Cavi Vera, Sezer Karatepe, Oliver Taveras-Delgado, Charlotte Zahra
3rd Grade: Catharina Bopp, Ella Polzella, Sylvester Petti, Violet Hall, Audrey Andriani, Kyleigh Crooke, Jace Campanella, Zoe Bernabe


Science Fair
At the end of April JAE held its annual Science Fair in the Old gym from 6-7pm. It was an incredible evening that displayed student interests as well as their knowledge of the scientific process.

The Science Fair Winners for 2024 who will be moving on to the Brookhaven National Laboratory Science Fair on Saturday, June 8th are:

3rd Grade- Isabelle Guildi
4th Grade- Emma Wurm 
5th Grade- Henry Fiore

Congratulations boys and girls and best of luck on June 8th! 

Our honorable mention recipients were:
3rd Grade- Ryan Landon
4th Grade- - James Parker
5th Grade- Corrine Gabriel

We are looking forward to a wonderful end to the school year.
Thank you for all you do for our community, and for making JAE such a wonderful place to be.


Mrs. Linda Greening, JAE Principal

Mr. Benjamin Paquette, JAE Assistant Principal

Cooking + Baking + Chocolate Making!

071224-cooking-1_MAIN-10.jpg thumbnail260342

Rocky Point students in grades 3-6 enjoyed joining old friends and making new ones at a summer enrichment camp held at Frank J. Carasiti Elementary School. While they enjoyed baking cookies, they were doubly fascinated with learning about oobleck and how mixing water and cornstarch (and a little food coloring) could act like a solid or a liquid depending on the pressure they applied with their hands!

Click here to view the Cooking + Baking + Chocolate Making! slideshow.

Date Added: 7/12/2024

A Fine Time for Fine Arts

071524-summer-1_MAIN-2.jpg thumbnail260344

Students in grades 3-6 are enhancing their creative talents with some fun projects in the SCOPE Summer Safari Elementary Enrichment Program taking place at Frank J. Carisiti Elementary School. The students enrolled in the Fine Arts camp created tie-dye T-shirts, animal prints and more, picking up new artistic skills along the way!

Click here to view the A Fine Time for Fine Arts slideshow.

Date Added: 7/15/2024

JAE Hosts Annual “Instrument Petting Zoo”

The Rocky Point Music Department hosted a series of “Introduction to the Instrumental Program” workshops for Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School’s 3rd grade students. thumbnail259725

The Rocky Point Music Department hosted a series of “Introduction to the Instrumental Program” workshops for Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School’s 3rd grade students on June 10. Now in its third year, this event aims to recruit third grade students into the JAE Band and Orchestra instrumental programs.

The event utilized an “Instrument Petting Zoo” format, where several tables were set up based on the various instrument families (brass, woodwind, percussion, string) in the JAE Old Gym. After a brief introduction, the 3rd grade students listened to members of the 5th Grade Band and Orchestra perform short excerpts from their recent Spring Concerts. The 3rd grade students then rotated through the instrument stations where they explored the various instrument options available for them to select. This offered the 3rd grade students an up-close and personal experience, where they were able to see, hold, hear and play the instruments. This event supplied information so that 3rd grade students can make an informed decision about their instrument choice for next year. Members of the Music Department faculty contributed by overseeing each instrument station. Music staff members at the event included Secondary Music Department Chairperson and band director Amy Schecher and band directors Kyra Kenwood, Cailyn Monastero and Vinny Ragona, who each led sessions at the woodwinds, brass and percussion stations. Rocky Point orchestra directors Nick Butcher, Dave Ventura and Meghan Walter guided the students at the various tables for string instruments. Elementary Music Department Chairperson Craig Knapp planned and organized the event and served as host while guiding the students through the sessions.

One of the contributing factors to the success of this event was the inclusion of 5th Grade Band and Orchestra Student Ambassadors. The role of the 5th grade ambassadors included:

1. Helping to demonstrate their instruments and perform for the 3rd graders.

2. Assisting the 3rd grade student with playing the various instrument choices that are available for them to select.

3. Encouraging the 3rd grade students to consider joining the instrumental music program.

4. Providing the opportunity to have 3rd grade students see their older counterparts having fun playing their instrument and engaging in music making.

5. Speaking to the 3rd grade students about their instrument and about their experience playing in band or orchestra.

6. Acting as peer mentors to assist the younger students in making an informed decision when considering an instrument choice for next year.

Each workshop began with a brief introduction from Mr. Knapp, where students reviewed information about the various instrument families they have been learning about in weekly classroom music special area classes. The 3rd grade students then listened to short performances by the 5th Grade Band and Orchestra Student Ambassadors, led by Miss Monastero and Mr. Ventura. Students then rotated in small groups through the various stations and at the end of the session, all students received an informational packet explaining to the students and their parents how to make their instrument selections.

A message from Rocky Point Music Department Chairpersons Mr. Knapp and Ms. Schecher read: “We are very excited about introducing the third grade students to the JAE Instrumental Program! The students had a wonderful time rotating through the various stations and getting to see/hear the instruments that they have been learning about in their weekly special area music classes. We really hope this up-close and personal experience generated excitement for our students to play a band or orchestra instrument, and we feel that this experience was very valuable for the children. It is our desire that the “Instrument Petting Zoo” format greatly assisted the students in making an informed decision for their instrument selection. The entire day was very well-received by students and teachers. We are very happy about having 5th grade students assist with this special event. We really believe that having 5th grade members of band or orchestra acting in leadership roles is a crucial component for recruitment of our 3rd graders. It is also a great source of pride for our 5th grade band and orchestra members. The Student Ambassadors were so helpful and encouraging to the 3rd grade students. Thank you to our talented students for making this endeavor a positive one. We are also incredibly grateful to have such a hardworking and dedicated music department faculty contribute to the success of this day. We are thankful that the Rocky Point School District administration and Board of Education supports our instrumental program beginning in 4th grade.”

Thank you to the following 5th Grade Band and Orchestra Student Ambassadors for participating: Faith Abbe, Antonia Athanasakes, Kylie Beach, Dylan Borella, Alexa Bove, Samantha Casoria, Sonniell Colon, Henry Fiore, Krista Fiorio, Brandon Fox, Corrine Gabriel, Eleni Giagios, Jaileen Gomez, Liliana Gomez, Giovanni Guzman, Paige Houck, Jordan Jaeger, Iaroslav Lev, Sandy Martinez Arce, Katelyn Mercurio, Mya Metzler, Brionna Nace, Kayden Puckey, Autumn Roper, Hadley Schaentzler, Mariel Solano, Chase Stengel, Isabella St. Pierre, Abby Villafane-Kaplan and Mallack Walsh.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 6/14/2024

JAE’s “High Notes” Receive Gold Rating at NYSSMA Festival

JAE’s “High Notes” Receive Gold Rating at NYSSMA Festival thumbnail259387

Members of Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School’s 5th Grade Select Chorus “High Notes” participated in the New York State School Music Association Major Organization Evaluation Festival on June 5 at Longwood High School. Like a NYSSMA Solo Festival, where students are adjudicated in a solo setting, the NYSSMA Major Organization Evaluation Festival evaluates an entire performing ensemble. Participation at NYSSMA Majors is a genuine way to obtain a true and authentic assessment of how the ensemble has performed.

The 5th Grade Select Chorus “High Notes,” led by JAE Chorus Director Mr. Craig Knapp, performed a Level 2 program. They performed three songs and were evaluated by two certified NYSSMA Major Organization adjudicators (with over 70 combined years of teaching experience). The students were evaluated on 8 categories, which include: tone, intonation, balance, technique, accuracy/execution, diction, interpretation, and influencing factors. The adjudicators provided written and oral feedback on these categories, informing the chorus what they did well, and offered recommendations for further developing their skills.

The 5th Grade Select Chorus “High Notes” received a rating of “Gold.” According to NYSSMA, a “Gold Rating” is awarded to organizations that have demonstrated an outstanding level of technical and artistic skill in each of the evaluative categories, including tone, intonation, balance, technique, accuracy/execution, diction, interpretation and influencing factors, for all three song selections. Any weakness in the musical performance will have been minimal. Recommendations will be given to further enhance their music performance skills.

A congratulatory message from Rocky Point Music Department chairpersons Mr. Knapp and Ms. Amy Schecher read: “The NYSSMA Major Organization Evaluation Festival is the culmination of the music learning process. This includes the hard work, dedication, commitment, process and progress the students have made and exhibited throughout the school year. Earning a rating of “Gold” is not an easy task. It requires a great level of discipline, skill, artistry and attention to detail. It also requires countless hours of rehearsal time. The students performed extremely difficult music for their age level, and we are very proud of their accomplishments. We are very lucky to teach music with such wonderful students and we are thankful to the parents for supporting their children. Thank you to all the administrators and Board of Education members in Rocky Point for continuing to support these forms of experiences for the students and the music department.”

Mr. Knapp added, “Congratulations to the JAE 5th Grade Select Chorus ‘High Notes’ for demonstrating such a high level of proficiency and earning this distinguished level of achievement. Participation at NYSSMA Majors is a truly authentic way to get a true evaluation of what the ensemble has achieved. NYSSMA-certified adjudicators evaluated the “High Notes” and offered written feedback, verbal comments and a rated assessment on their performance of the music. This event provided a great opportunity for the students to work toward a demanding goal of performing in a very different, unique and higher-pressure environment. This was essentially the 5th Grade Select Chorus final exam. I am beyond proud of my students for rising to the challenge!”

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Date Added: 6/7/2024

Spring Concert Season Concludes With Joyful Performances by JAE Students

Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School students during their Spring Concert. thumbnail259232

Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School held its second set of spring concerts at the High School auditorium for the 4th/5th Grade Chorus, 4th Grade Band, 5th Grade Select Chorus “High Notes” and 5th Grade Orchestra on May 30. The JAE 4th/5th Grade Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Craig Knapp, opened the show with a joyful, challenging and diverse program of songs, including their final piece, “Sahayta,” which included singing in 10 different languages! This piece featured soloists Casey Angelo, Sofia Behlen, Kendall Daly, Andrew DeTurris, Jaileen Gomez, Isabella Imeidopf, Kira Izzo, Logan Kantor, Kylie McGee, Michaela Minardi, Brionna Nace, Lillian Ozorio, Aria Soto and Phoenix Wilkinson.

The 4th Grade Band, under the baton of the newest member of the Rocky Point music department, Miss Cailyn Monastero, took the stage next and performed a delightful program. Selections included wonderful performances of familiar folk songs, including “Merrily We Roll Along,” which highlighted each of the three instrument families in the band, and “Rain, Rain,” which began with a student-created thunderstorm using a combination of body percussion with traditional unpitched percussion instruments. This was the first time a 4th Grade Band graced the stage in a Rocky Point concert in over 30 years! In between the 6 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. concerts, the audience had the pleasure of listening to the piano stylings of fifth grade student Alexander Lantigua-Mettrock, who performed the works of composers Claude Debussy, George Frideric Handel, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Robert Schumann and others. The audience was amazed with Alex’s ability, especially when he informed the crowd that he only started playing the piano about seven months ago!

The 5th Grade Select Chorus “High Notes,” under the direction of Mr. Knapp, performed next and shared the program they will be singing at their upcoming NYSSMA Major Organization Evaluation Festival. The JAE 5th Grade Orchestra, under the baton of Mr. Dave Ventura, performed very fun and difficult selections that included pieces ranging from the American folk song “Fiddler’s Hoedown” to a rock-style piece, “First Finger Rock.” All the performances were joyful, expressive and very successful. The enthusiastic audience reaction for each group displayed how proud the parents were of their children!

A congratulatory message from Rocky Point music department chairpersons Mr. Knapp and Ms. Amy Schecher read: “We are so proud of the JAE music students. The students have spent countless hours rehearsing before and after school. The have sharpened not only their music skills, but they also learned the importance of building teamwork while leading up to their performances. Special congratulations to Miss Monastero for doing a superb job leading her children in her first-ever concert as JAE 4th Grade Band director. It has been an extraordinary series of concerts for the Rocky Point School District this spring. The wonderful concerts the student musicians in all of our schools performed this spring is a true testament to their hard work, effort and dedication. We are very lucky to have such amazing students involved in the music program, and we are thankful to our industrious and energetic music staff and the parents for supporting their children in their involvement with the performing arts. Thank you to all of the administrators and Board of Education members in Rocky Point for their continued support of our music programs.”

“It has been a pleasure to observe the incredible progress made in only five months by the students in all of the JAE performing ensembles,” Mr. Knapp added. “It is a gift to work with Miss Monastero and Mr. Ventura. They are both very passionate, diligent and dedicated music educators. It’s a true team effort at JAE!”

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Date Added: 6/5/2024